The Corona Diaries – Day 102

Another glorious day in Coronaland.  Thank heavens the sun is shining I think I’m getting a bit jaded. This is going on too long. It is sapping my energy and enthusiasm.

I have four projects in mind: a new novel that is festering in my head, to send off my books to Literary Agents and Publishers,  to decorate the front room, and lastly to complete the Roy Harper book that is now dragging on. Once I have got them out of the way.

Today all the Lockdown rules are shifting. Lockdown is relaxing. The politicians, mad keen on opening up the economy, have relaxed the rules, the scientists are looking at the level of infection and saying it is too early.

As far as I am concerned I will only do what I, as a biologist, think is relatively safe. We cannot eliminate all risk but we can cut it down. So I will be meeting up with friends and family but still keeping my distance. I won’t be going inside for meals, cinema, theatres or anything else, but I am happy to meet up for a pint or a meal outside! That seems a reasonable compromise to me. Until the government gets the testing and follow-up sorted I won’t feel safe.

It seems to me that Johnson is taking a big gamble. He’s trying to regain popularity at the expense of lives. All this upbeat rhetoric about coming out of hibernation has been taken by the population as meaning that the emergency is over. The beaches are packed with no social distancing. It’s a recipe for disaster. If only we didn’t have a slap-happy nincompoop for a PM, someone who would stop trying to be everyone’s chum and spell it out as it is – THE VIRUS IS STILL OUT THERE – IT IS A KILLER – WE CAN OPEN UP BUT WE HAVE TO SOCIAL DISTANCE OR ELSE WE WILL BE IN LOCKDOWN AGAIN.

The trouble is that we have too many stupid nutters in this country. They are not able to think it through. Nuance is no good.

So half the country is terrified and the other half are completely gung-ho. I shake my head.

So today I went for my 12 K walk in the Yorkshire sunshine. I played my Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee. I worked on photos and I am about to go and get my Woody Guthrie book and sit in the garden prior to having a beer and watching the footie.

It’s a hard life!!

Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 102

    1. There are a lot of loonies about John! I’m steering well clear. The only good thing is that people are waking up to the reality of these populist idiots they have voted in – Bolsonaro, Trump and Johnson are a right trio of inept idiots.
      You stay well too.

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