Poetry – Cliches for Cummings (captions instead of actions)

Cliches for Cummings (captions instead of actions)


There are lessons to be learned

But I’m proud of what we’ve done.

We’ve been working twenty four seven

To produce a system that is second to none.


We’re world beating

With an oven-ready deal.

Full of cliché-ridden obfuscations

(but really the action’s nil!)


If you want a soundbite

I’m your man!

I cook ‘em up

Right here in my frying pan.

I might be poor on actions

But I’m sure good at captions!


A track record

That does not instil confidence.

Political decisions

Ignoring all the evidence.


Guided by the science??

You must be joking son!!

It’s Dominic Cummings

Who’s running this one!!


Opher – 22.6.2020

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