Poetry – English and Proud

English and Proud


The first men strode across glacier and ice sheet

Hunting woolly mammoth

Rarely glimpsing the land beneath their feet.


The glaciers melted and the sea broke through

Creating an island

On whose fertile lands great forests grew.


A bounteous land rich in nature’s wares

Supporting much life

Including wolves, beavers and bears.


This time, man came to settle the lands

Hunting and farming

In a multitude of tribal bands.


From Denmark, France and Germany

With their language and culture

They prospered and became many.


Peopling forests with their fears and imagination:

Trolls, goblins and sprites

They created what became the English nation.


Invasions from the Celt, Viking, Norman and Roman

Mixing genes and ways

Incorporated to become English yeomen.


Through days of Empire we expanded our range

Incorporating more and more

And riding the great change.


Welcoming refugees fleeing persecution

Providing a home

With a stay of execution.


Huguenots, Sikh, Asian, African and Jew

Flocked to the freedom

Of the spirit that our English people knew.


It all coalesced into the English we know,

A world derived mongrel

With a genetic charged dynamo!


Confused English people of their heritage vague

Seeking a culture

That they shun like the plague.


All the stronger for the cultures we’re mixing

Enriched and enhanced

In no need of fixing.


Black, brown, yellow or white

All English and proud

And sharing the right.


Opher – 12.6.2020

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