Trump – destroying the environment and legislating for cruelty!!

This is an impassioned piece from Bill. Trump has consistently reduced environmental legislation – allowing the national parks to be exploited, more pollution, fracking and destruction of habitat. He has zero respect for nature and no empathy for wildlife.

The man is an environmental catastrophe!!

Just when we thought that the Orange Dictator couldn’t stoop any lower, during the distraction of the protests, Trump overturned a law that barred hunters in Alaska national preserves from baiting bear traps or killing denning bear cubs and wolf pups or other practices that have been condemned by environmental and wildlife protection groups. Under the new National Park Service rule, effective July 9, hunting on natural preserves in Alaska will be controlled by the state, which allows baiting of brown and black bears; hunting of denning black bears with artificial light, killing of denning wolves and coyotes, hunting of swimming caribou and hunting of caribou from motorboats. Of course, this practice allows for the deaths of Bear cubs and wolf pups. One can only imagine that his “trophy hunter” kids were behind this one.
Just last year during the startup of the House hearings in June 2019, Trump enacted a “back door maneuver” to allow longline fishing off of the coast of California, totally endangering the declining population of Giant Leatherback Turtles and the diminishing stock of Yellowfin Tuna. He has also dropped restrictions that limit the amount of water that can be diverted from the Sacramento River, which will decimate one of the last remaining Salmon runs in the State. In August of last year, Trump dropped restrictions to protect the largest Salmon run in Alaska by allowing mining operations within the area of streams and wetlands that the Salmon rely on for breeding.
All I can say is that If this Bastard is allowed to remain in office, he will most likely step of his war on wildlife and our wilderness. I am an avid fisherman and hiker. To me, this SOB is the antichrist for sure. Anyone who supports him at this point has absolutely no respect for our environment or recreational resources.

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