The Corona Diaries – Day 89

Another 245 deaths!! As this dithering government hasn’t got a clue!

Neil Ferguson – the chief government scientist – tells us that a lockdown a week earlier would have halved the numbers of deaths and that the measures to protect the Care Homes were not implemented!!

Boris has blood on his hands. His laziness and incompetence has killed thousands!!

It gets worse!! The OECD has announced that the UK economy is likely to be the worst hit of any!! So much for this great job the Tories have done! We’ve the highest death-rate in Europe and the worst hit economy!!


Meanwhile we have the schools fiasco rumbling on. Instead of talking to people and trying to work out logical ways forward they merely make announcements and try to force people to do things that aren’t right. It’s the way they handled Brexit!

If only they would consult, listen and find a good compromise, a way forward that works!! This belligerent posturing is stupid stupid stupid!!

So our economy is going to be destroyed by Covid and then massacred with Brexit!! The future is looking bleak!!! And we’ve still got four years of these extreme overprivileged idiots!!

Today I did my walk in a light drizzle. But I saw a stoat, two red kites and a hare. That made it worthwhile. At least nature has profited from the retreat of people.

Back home I’ve been working on setting up my new blog, writing the odd poem and listening to Lennon’s most strident songs!!

At least we are beginning to come out of lockdown. We’ll be able to meet up with friends and family at a suitable distance.

I’m not sure how safe I’ll feel with these clowns in charge. More deaths today than all of Europe combined. That’s how good this bunch are. They are deceitfully not doing comparisons any more. I wonder why???

You stay safe!!

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