The Future?? – More of the same or a better course??

Now that Covid 19 has provided a respite from normality and given us the opportunity to look at the future it is time to reassess what sort of world we really want.

We are at the start of a huge change. When A/I really gets into its swing there will be less need for a workforce. All the jobs, skilled and unskilled, will be automated. Productivity will increase. Profits will increase. There will be less work.

We can go on the same or we can change.

If we go on the same the wealth will be accumulated into fewer and fewer pockets, the world will run out of resources, nature will be wrecked, there will be pollution, global warming, mass migrations, wars, gross inequality, mass poverty, violence, protests, extremism (religious and political) and a wealthy elite who live in a bubble outside of this nightmare.

If we change we can share the wealth, create a more equal world, value nature, reduce our population and no longer suffer from wars, pollution, racism and inequality.

I reckon we have a stark choice.

I'd like to hear from you...

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