Poetry – The Evidence

The Evidence


Wettest February, sunniest May.

Strange weather coming our way.

Scientists claim the planet’s getting hot.

Others say it is definitely not.


But one minute we’re flooded,

The next, soil’s like concrete.

We’re either shivering with cold

Or boiling with heat.


We have cyclones and hurricanes,

Droughts and forest fires

The whole planet is ravaged

With countless new scars.


The coral is bleaching

And animals migrating,

Sea levels rising,

Society’s disintegrating.


There are boats on the sea

As people try to escape,

While politicians dither

And leave it too late.


Those who are profiting

Are leading the clamour

To say nothing’s wrong

It’s a natural stammer.


But I’m getting fed up

With hundred year events.

Of people displaced

And living in tents.


Of habitat destroyed

And species extinct

They are making excuses!

The whole thing stinks.


They are burning fossil fuels

And making a killing.

Like a bunch of greedy pigs,

Caviar swilling.


They really don’t care

If they are burning it up

So long as they get

To fill their own cup.


The evidence is there.

It is plain to see.

The world’s on the brink

Of great catastrophe.


Unless we take action

To put things right.

We’ll all pay the price

For nature’s poor plight!


Opher – 7.6.2020

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