The Corona Diaries – Day 86

Is it possible that the virus is really on the wane in the UK? There were only supposedly 1557 new cases yesterday, and just 77 people died. There were no recorded deaths in Northern Ireland or Scotland. This is great news – although the Nation Statistics Office put the new cases at around 8000 – who to believe among the misinformation.

I will treat those figures with caution but they do indicate progress. If the government were to enforce a strict test and follow-up we could control the virus and it would be safe to come out of lockdown. There’s the rub though. They don’t seem organised! This government couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

The effects of the masses of people now out and about, the protests for George Floyd, packed beaches and people meeting up in large groups, does not bode well for the future. According to one scientist 1 in 600 still has the virus. Large gatherings will fuel transmission. It could spark a second wave.

Looking around it is quite clear that the three populist chumps are doing the worst in the world – Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro are complete disasters. It shows in the opinion polls that people have woken up to how useless they are. At least America will be able to get rid of Trump in November. Brazil have a two year wait and we’ve got four bloody years of the dithering, blustering invisible man.

The really good thing about this virus is that it does seem to have allowed people to think about what sort of life they want and what sort of society they want to live in. I see seeds of empathy and compassion rearing their heads with things like the George Floyd worldwide reaction and the opinion polls. Perhaps we will have a new caring era, a different zeitgeist?? Perhaps we will look at racism, inequality and nature and look to build a better world??

First we have to defeat the virus.

My fear is that the government have been so unclear in their instructions that nobody knows what to do anymore – and following the Cummings fiasco nobody cares. The government have failed to have a clear narrative. People don’t believe them. Where the hell is Johnson?? He pops up briefly and then disappears!!

Maybe the weather will help??

Today I went up my hill on my daily five mile jaunt (I measured it in the car yesterday) in a light misty drizzle.

We’re both feeling a bit lacklustre. I’ve been playing Larry Williams to buck me up a bit, working on photos and edited a chapter of the Roy Harper book.

My two new Sci-fi books – Green and Star – are out on Amazon and the copies I ordered should arrive tomorrow. I’m eager to have a good look at the finished product. I hope the covers look as good as they do on line!

Something to look forward to!!

Stay safe!!

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