The Corona Diaries – Day 85

The strangeness of this period of time is becoming greater and greater. The terrible murder of George Floyd resounds around the world. It was great to see the protests taking place as people of all races came together to say that Black Lives Matter – that it is not acceptable for people to be treated differently, to have less opportunity, just because of their race or colour.

Perhaps this Covid has awakened empathy and caring around the world? I hope so.

Certainly Trump’s ploy of causing division and hatred seems to be backfiring. He appears to be languishing ten points down in the polls. I’m surprised he’s doing that well given the lamentable performances on Corona virus and George Floyd and the protests. The man is both obnoxious and inept – a snake-oil salesman! He needs kicking out so that America can regain some sanity and prestige.

A similar thing is happening here. Johnson is beginning to be seen as lazy and inept. His ratings are tumbling. The Cummings fiasco has made people realise that he is not capable of making decisions and is hypocritical – nothing more than a privileged buffoon.

Racism intrudes on Covid lockdown as people felt it was important enough to go out on the streets to protest. We want a better, more equal world!! Right now race is the focus. I want the environment and inequality to be the next focuses!

So America and the UK continue to lead the world in deaths per million!! A tragic state of affairs!!

As for me – well I’ve still got a bad back but fortunately I can still walk. A prolapsed disc is painful but I guess it could have been a lot worse!

I went early to fit my walk in between rain! The sky was heavily overcast and I did my five miles up my hill and back under ominous clouds but I avoided the rain!! I enjoyed it!!

I’ve been playing Otis Redding and writing poetry, sorting photos and doing my exercises to deal with my disc.

Still not ill. So stay safe everyone!!

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