The Corona Diaries – Day 75

Today left me fuming – the Tory governors on the BBC sacking Emily Maitliss for daring to question a Tory minister over Dominic Cummings. It just shows you what bias there is in the BBC.

So fuming away I’ve been playing my angriest Phil Ochs all day.

Cummings is still in post. It seems that elitism is well. The Tories have no morality!

Johnson has admitted that they were unprepared (despite having a pandemic enquiry a good year before that showed them woefully inadequate – plus the knowledge that they knew pandemics came round regularly – SARS, MERS, EBOLA, Swine Flu, Bird Flu – only a matter of time). Complacency and Brexit have cost thousands of lives!!

I went for a walk up my hill. A hot day with blue skies. It is so beautiful. Yesterday a young fox with reddy/brown fur walked up the road to about five feet away from me. We both looked at each other then he went off. It was a lovely experience. I love nature.

On the way up the hill I composed a couple of poems about Tories and their undermining of democracy.

Yet the Tories are still leading in the polls!!! People are both gullible and stupid!!

When I came back I painted our art installation and bird feeder in bright reds, greens, blues and yellow. That brightened it up.

It looks like the lockdown is about to be relaxed more. I think I’m ready for it. It would be nice to see friends and family!! Schools are going back. The roads are clogged – return to normality.  But we still had over 300 deaths and 400 new cases. The virus is still around. But, at last, today they are bringing in the testing and follow up! About bloody time!! (In order to distract from Dominic Cummings and his ludicrous explanations!). We’ll see if they can manage to contain it this time or if we get a second wave!

Meanwhile the USA is still recording 2000 new cases a day and has topped 100,000 deaths and Brazil is surging away with 20,000 cases a day too. It’s a wonder these arrogant populist cretins have any credibility with anyone!

Still – I suppose the good news is that we’ve been in isolation and have not gone down with the disease!! Another day is coming to an end!!

Stay safe everyone – I’m off to cook dinner – a nice Thai curry!!

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