The Corona Diaries – Day 74

This is beginning to get tedious. Two thousand and four new cases in the UK today. That does not sound very many spread over the whole of the UK. I wonder how many are skulking in my area?

Of course, one has to remember that firstly these are only the reported cases, the real number might be a lot higher, and secondly that there is up to two weeks gestation period – so an unknown number of people may be asymptomatic and spreading it.

Even so, I am wondering if the risk isn’t small enough to warrant meeting up with family and grandchildren and friends – at least outside??

It would seem to me that it is the loonies who are meeting up in big groups who are the ones most at risk – but then there is rarely any justice, is there?

Meanwhile the States is chugging along at 16,700 new cases with States opening up. Are they heading for a big second wave in a week or two? There seem to be a lot of people disregarding all precautions and social distancing.

Cummings, who has made a lot of enemies, including half the British population who despise his lies over Brexit, is still hanging on despite his ludicrous, risible justification for his illegal flaunting of the regulations he brought in. He needs to resign. On the other hand he is clearly demonstrating the arrogance of the Tories, their elitism and the way they take the electorate for fools – perhaps it will wake a lot of people up?

Certainly the ineptitude and complacency is apparent for all to see! Hang in there Dominic. You’re doing a great job of showing the Tories up for the privileged arrogant twerps they really are.

“Should have gone to Barnard Castle instead of Specsavers.”

Apparently Dominic Cummings is a very slow driver. He drove 260 miles and it took the contagious.

Hearing rumours that Dominic Cummings only travelled to see family in Durham because he’d been rejected by his family in Oxford and Cambridge

I’m not allowed to see my mum so I’m going to visit Dominic Cummings parents in Durham instead.
Apparently that’s fine.

Dominic Cummings blags his way on to a lifeboat ‘I have a child.’

The jokes go on – but behind them is real loathing of the arrogant creep and his hypocrisy and lying. I wrote to my MP on the basis that if they get enough mail they have to take action!!

The real reason why he can’t be sacked is that Johnson is too lazy to do the work himself – without Cummings he’d sink.

So anyway, I cheered myself up today by playing the Fugs – Wide Wide River. It seemed appropriate.

It was a great day so I walked up to the top of my hill as my daily exercise. This Spring goes on and on giving warmth and sunshine.

Then I edited another chapter of the Roy Harper book. All going well.

Hopefully I have sorted out the problems on my two new Sci-fi novels – Green and Star. We’ll see. They should be available soon!!

Thus endeth another day! Stay Safe everyone.

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