Poetry – Test My Eyesight

Could it be that Mr Cumming’s poor eyesight made it hard for him to read the rules he had written???

Test My Eyesight


I think I’ll take a daytrip

Just to test my eyesight out.

When you can’t see too well

It’s best to drive about.

I know we’re not allowed to roam

But this is an emergency

We’ve both been stuck inside our home

Fed-up with TV.


We’ve got a child to look after

What if we become ill?

We’ve driven half the country

And evaded the old Bill,

To deliver him to grandparents

They‘re old but they’re not poor.

Fleeing from a covid hotspot

To take refuge next door.


Though the wife was ill

We’re not spreading the disease!

I made up the rules

So I can do just as I please.

We’ve been in isolation –

Apart from going out.

We’re helping herd immunity

What’s the fuss is all about?


So me and the mrs

We’ll visit a castle or two,

Just to see if we can drive,

And it’s her birthday too!

We’re not breaking any laws –

As laid down in the land.

If we manage sixty miles

Three hundred will be grand.


I’m just testing my eyesight

So I can get back to work.

I wouldn’t want people to think

That from responsibilities I shirk!

No! I’m a key worker!

More important than you!

I make my own rules up

And do what I want to do!


Apologise?? You must be mad!

Why such a stink?

I’ve done nothing wrong!

I was acting on instinct!

I know everyone’s been struggling

And making sacrifice.

Surely if ‘they’ all stay at home

That’s enough to suffice??


Opher – 27.5.2020

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