Creating the cover for my Sci-fi Novel – Star

Star has just become available in kindle form. The paperback will be available shortly.

I had rewritten/edited a book that I originally wrote in the eighties. It was nice to reconnect. When I had completed it I set about the cover.

Because of copyright there is a great difficulty in obtaining the right type of photos to use in a Sci-fi setting.

The novel was centred around the sixties – except that I had put the events into an intergalactic situation, a thousand years in the future. the main character is an intergalactic Rockstar – one Zargos Ecstasy.

He is a larger than life conglomeration of Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. I had some photos I had taken of Arthur Brown and some I had taken of the moon. I thought I could use these and somehow amalgamate them together.

My son Henry did some work on Arthur but my skills with computers and design were limited.

I played about a little with Paint:

The trouble was that Zargos was a young dude living in 30167 ACV. Arthur was a little past the first flush of youth and I wanted something futuristic and intergalactic.

Matthias Krüger came in . He’s a designer and offered to have a go.  He took the images and created something that hit the mark. He melded the moon and Arthur. I was delighted with the result!

I slotted the creation into the template. Unfortunately it slightly trimmed the edges But I still liked the end result. I thought it was very striking.

Thanks Matt!

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