The Corona Diaries Day 72

Following the Cummings interpretation it appears that we didn’t need to be locked down at all! We could have driven all over the country and met up with our grandchildren (even if we had symptoms)! We could even have visited castles for a day out!

What a fiasco!

So now we are looking to meet up with friends – obeying social distancing – as the virus is in retreat. I’ll just say Dominic said it was alright. Next stop – meeting up with grandchildren and family!

Anyway, right now it is a beautiful day. I’ve been playing Eels and had a walk up my hill. Yesterday the wind was blowing a gale and it was overcast. Today was blue skies and warm. Nature has relented.

I finally published my book Star – a rewrite of Intergalactic Rockstar – a book I wrote twenty years ago. Thanks to Matthias Krueger for the cover photo!! Excellent!!

My rewrite of Green is now available in paperback!

Chapter 21 of the Roy Harper book is now edited.

On the writing font it has been a great day!!

I finished the day off (apart from chores) with a nice read in the garden!!

So stay safe everyone!! Until tomorrow!!

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