The Corona Diaries – Day 70

That’s it – ten weeks of lockdown. I’m getting a bit weary and jaded. I can’t seem to rouse the same level of enthusiasm that I had. I’m having to make myself do stuff.

I’m going to take myself off to do some reading to revitalise myself.

I am finding the news quite depressing. The levels of incompetence and stupidity is enormous. These are the clowns that we elected!

Trump is taking an antimalarial drug in the hope that it will give him immunity. That sounds a bit like having yourself inoculated for polio in the midst of a smallpox epidemic. The latest reports indicate that the drug is actually detrimental – causing heart problems. The man is a liability. I think he owns shares in that drug company! What a fool.

Bolsonaro is still in denial. Brazil now has a massive increase in cases and deaths and the jerk is still saying it’s a little flu. All he cares about is money. A complete jerk.

Johnson can’t be found. The lazy bastard is probably off partying. Finally they are getting around to sorting out airports. Every other country has temperature checks and even virus checks. We’re just getting around to it! Horses, bolts and after, come to mind. They are still denying that they dumped people back into care homes and left the care homes to look after themselves. The wishy washy message has opened up everywhere. I really hope this doesn’t backfire!!

No wonder I despair. These populist leaders might know how to get elected but when it comes to doing anything they are worse than useless.

Today I am playing RL Burnside – I need something to buck me up!!

I went for a walk up my hill. It was stormy with gusts of wind that nearly bowled you over. Very different to yesterday. But interesting!

Working on Roy Harper book, Green and hoping to get Star finished today. But right now I’ve had enough. I’m off to read!

Catch you tomorrow.

Stay Safe!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 70

  1. Lest we also forget Opher that amidst the exemplary ignorance, arrogance, complacency, and negligence extended to the U.K people by this shower of a Tory government that Dominic Cummings broke laws surrounding lock-down to drive 260 miles whilst infected, and should resign with immediate effect (1) Of course the government is stretching every sinew and working hard to fully support this vile little man as MP’s of all political colors, and a rightfully angry public call for Cummings’s fast-track removal. But as one has come to expect from our consistently incompetent, lazy, lying, part-time, frightened little PM – who hides in fridges at such controversial, confrontational times – he’s gone AWOL again.

    This Tory shit-show sink deeper and deeper into the gutter with each passing day.


    (1) –

    1. Yes I forgot to mention our friend Dominic. The slimy piece of phlegm.
      I watch with interest as our almost as slimy friends in government frantically look for a spin to save him. The odious man is so loathed that I think this is going to build and build. Part of me wants him to stay just so the debate can do more and more damage. Who knows – maybe even the gullible voters might start to wake up to what an incompetent, arrogant bunch of twats they’ve put in charge!!

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