The Corona Diaries – Day 66

I went in the shop today! That’s the first time for weeks. I’ve only been in a shop twice since being in lockdown. It was a strange experience.

I had to post a number of Nick Harper books to various people. It meant I had to get stamps.

I had to queue outside – keeping social distancing – and only go in when somebody came out.

Because I had not been doing this it felt strange – as if I was doing something wrong. Yet the transaction was quick and felt safe.

It is hard to believe there is really any danger but the death of a neighbours brother-in-law, at the age of fifty seven – a healthy cyclist with no underlying problems – following three weeks on a ventilator tells a different story. One has to remind oneself that the virus is out there and it is potentially deadly.

This is a strange, bizarre and surreal experience. This might well be the new norm.

Having posted my books I went for a walk – a warm day and the sun breaking out as I climbed the hill. The sun shining on the new fields with their different crops produced a patchwork of wonder. Two fields, that I believe were growing peas, looked spectacular. The emerald green was gorgeous.

Returning I set about completing my Sci-fi novel – Star. I have very nearly completed the editing!

I now have to sort the cover and back blurb.


The BT engineer did not arrive (again) and so my internet is still very slow. Frustrating.

Well Lockdown looks to be over for many. The roads are as full as ever. The hiatus of nature is over. We’re getting back to normal.

I hope it isn’t too soon! I don’t think this government has got their testing and follow up sorted properly yet. We could end up paying for that with a lot more deaths.

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 66

  1. Opher, welcome back to some kind of reality. You’re only a little older than me, but you’re the other side of the 70+ divide. And fortunately, my doctor knows me well enough that he kept me off the “endangered species” list. So I’ve been living relatively normally for the last few weeks. It’s still been rather boring, though.

    I’ve been following the COVID figures, and it looks as if the UK new case counts are at last starting to come down significantly. The ratio of positive tests to total tests is coming down, too. I suspect Johnson may have inadvertently (?) got the medical strategy right – close enough to “herd immunity” that there probably won’t be a second wave here. We’ll see. I suspect the key metric may prove to be “cases per population.” The virus seems to burn itself out at around 4-5 per thousand population. Countries that didn’t get there this time round – like Australia and New Zealand – may well find they made a load of sacrifices for nothing.

    Anyway, today I went to the park, and spent two hours by the lake planning my next major essay. The white goose is still there! And because I took the car, I didn’t have to lug my supermarket shopping up the 170ft hill back home. Aren’t cars great?

    1. I don’t think we are anywhere near herd immunity Neil. In order to get herd immunity you need well over 70% of the population to have the antibodies. As estimates at present indicate less that 0.5% of the population have had it.
      If the disease was left to take its course we would probably be looking at well over a million deaths. Then we would have herd immunity.
      Even the Tories blanched at that death-rate.
      This disease doesn’t burn itself out. It continues to spread where-ever it can just to a new host. In the absence of a vaccine the only way of controlling it is severe social distancing. That requires everyone distancing and washing hands and a very robust system of testing new cases , following up contacts and isolating.
      We will not achieve any herd immunity until such time as we have a vaccine.
      If people begin to relax and not follow social distancing we will have a major surge. If the NHS is overwhelmed many more will die because without critical care the disease will be fatal to a much larger percentage. That is the scariest part.
      I’m in isolation. As a biologist I know how pandemics work. If they are not contained, like this one, then it will devastate a population. Britain and America have been pathetic! We should have prepared, tested, isolated and contained. We were ill-prepared and let it get out of control – hence the draconian measures needed to restore control.
      Johnson, Bolsonaro and Trump have cost many tens of thousands of lives!

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