Poetry – Clapped on Thursday; Crapped on Today!

Clapped on Thursday; Crapped on Today


Clapped on Thursday

Crapped on today.

Hypocrisy and insincerity

In the immigration policy.


It seems we don’t want carers,

Veggie pickers and nurses

We only need high earners

When this virus disperses!


They pretend to thank the workers

Whose sacrifice was great.

But when no longer needed

Kicked out to their fate!


Two-faced politicians

Who just pretend to care.

Show their true colours

Xenophobia everywhere!


Clapped on Thursday

Crapped on today!

Used and exploited

Then thrown away!


Opher – 18.5.2020


Amazing how we need and value all these people on the front line keeping us alive – the cleaners, carers, drivers, shelf-stackers, posties, teachers, refuse collectors and hundreds more. Many have died carrying out their jobs.

The politicians are out there clapping on Thursday.

The next day they are bringing in immigration policies that will have them kicked out!

So much for clapping!! So much for being grateful!! Seemingly only the wealthy are welcome. If you’re on low pay you’re not wanted.

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