The Corona Diaries – Day 63

Yes that’s right – we’ve been in isolation for nine weeks!

In some ways it feels longer and in others it feels shorter. Whatever – we have managed without too much of a problem though it is hard being isolated from family and friends – and we do miss going out!

It’s a little bit groundhog day! Days do tend to merge! There’s a pattern!

However, we eat and drink well, contact via phone and zoom, and have had time to do much more.

Today I have been editing my Sci-fi novel Star (now halfway through), helping a friend lay out his book, and editing my Roy Harper book.

In the midst of that I went for a long walk up the hill to the Wolds and have cooked a couple of meals.

These are full, productive, busy days.

I’ve been working to the soundtrack of the Pretty Things following the sad loss of Phil May. Who would have thought that a rebel like Phil would have died from falling off his bike?

What really pissed me off today was Matt Hancock trying to make out that the government had put ‘A protective Ring around Care Homes’.

Why do these politicians lie??

Back in February/March, in the midst of the panic, they thought the NHS was going to be overwhelmed. In a funk they built Nightingale hospitals, took over the Private hospitals and tried to get firms to make ventilators.

Part of their policy (to prevent the NHS being overwhelmed) was to leave the Care Homes to handle their own people.

People over 75 were not to be admitted to the NHS.

No protective kit was distributed to Care Homes.

There was no testing for staff.

There was no testing for the inmates.

They moved elderly patients out of the NHS back into Care Homes without testing, even though they knew they would be taking Covid into vulnerable old people.

How can any of this be deemed a protective shield?? In effect they sacrificed the elderly so that the young could be treated!! We know it!! Who are they trying to pull the wool over??

I hate it when politicians blatantly lie!! They are so arrogant they think we are fools! They think they can spin the truth and we’ll believe black is white!!

The big debate now is whether Johnson has eased back on restrictions and sent out the wrong message. From the look of it he has. The death rate has not come down. There are still too many new cases and testing is still not enough.

People have become complacent. They think it’s over. It isn’t. The virus is out there. They are gathering and not social distancing! Madness.

I’m expecting a big surge in a couple of weeks!!

Talk of schools going back is fanciful until they get the testing sorted!

It seems to me that they have not explained well enough and have not insisted on the right measures!

No wonder we are the worst in Europe. The only bright light is that we don’t have Trump. The USA, with its death-rate of 1500 a day and too many kooks (encouraged by their leader) is heading for a major surge! I predict a lot of death!!

Stay safe everyone!!

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