The Corona Diaries – Day 61

As the truth starts to emerge about the way the virus has been handled Johnson is coming in for some heavy criticism.

I think Starmer is beginning to expose the sad state of affairs, the incompetence and cynicism. We’ll see.

Today I’ve been playing some Bessie Smith. What an incredible woman!!

I went for a walk up on to the Wolds. It was a cool but beautiful day. Blue sky with scudding white clouds, a patchwork of yellow, green and brown fields laid out before me, birds singing, flowers sparkling. So refreshing.

I breathed it in.

Somewhere quite near there are people on ventilators fighting for breath. Makes you think how lucky we are.

This life in solitary is enabling me to work. Today I’ve been editing Star and my Roy Harper book. Life is full. But it still begins to weigh heavy. I think I miss all the little things – having the freedom to pop in the shop, to have a pint in the pub, to walk close to people without having to think, to touch, to breathe without thinking virus. Then there is the physical contact with friends and family – not hugging, touching. It creates a tension – a strain!

We are existing in a strange insulated bubble.

We will look back on these days. They are history.

Stay safe everyone! Still no real end in sight!

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