The Corona Diaries – Day 60

Sixty days in isolation and still no end in sight!!

Johnson – are you listening???  More testing!! Then isolate and treat those who have it and follow up and isolate all their contacts!!!

It’s not rocket science!!

I heard on the radio today that there is something going around on Twitter and the internet saying that we need more positive news and that reporters and interviewers need to go easy on politicians!!


I’m all in favour of some nice positive news. Great!! But our politicians need to be held accountable for their decisions and mistakes!!

This dithering bunch of complacent twats are responsible for 33,186 deaths!!! (And I’ve heard the real figure is over 55,000) The highest in Europe!!

In Germany (who were on the same trajectory) the death toll is 7,755.

Germany did it right. They prepared, tested and followed up. We stupidly sat on our hands, allowed mass gatherings and gave up on testing – hence 26,000 preventable deaths!!

So we are supposed to ignore this complacency and incompetence?


This is what I how the government to account on:

  1. Running the NHS down for 10 years
  2. Failing to act on the 2019 Cygnet Report that highlighted the lack of preparedness
  3. Failing to have adequate stocks of PPE, ventilators and equipment
  4. Driving away doctors and nurses
  5. Failing to join the EU schemes for purchasing PPE and ventilators
  6. Failing to have adequate materials for mass testing (chemicals & swabs)
  7. Not having enough testing done
  8. Not isolating and following up
  9. Having no checks on people bringing the virus into the country
  10. Not acting on WHO advice early on
  11. Not implementing lockdown, testing, isolation and follow up early enough

Our politicians need to be held to account for what they do (or don’t do) – it costs thousands of lives!!!

These people are supposed to be clever, informed and competent. They’ve been shown to be the exact opposite – a bunch of bumbling ditherers with the competency of an earthworm!!

Enough of the positive stuff!!

Today in our sixtieth day of isolation Liz is laid up with a sprained ankle (bruised and swollen). I have been working on editing my Roy Harper book and my Star Sci-fi novel.

I’ve been playing some Bob Marley (I wish I have his small axe to chop down those lying bastards).

I went for a long walk even though it was cold – a strong North wind blowing cold air at me – about 9 degrees at best!!

I’m cooking a paella for tea with a glass of red!! Then I will be watching Nick Harper perform!!!

Sounds like a plan!!

Stay safe everyone!!

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