4 thoughts on “Some ‘Home Truths’ for the Government!!

  1. What the heck is wrong on your side of the channel …


    1. We have a stupid bumbling populist in charge of the country. That is the result of a mad, vitriolic media pumping propaganda into the homes of ignorant gullible people.

      1. I can only quote myself as of VE Day: Never again!
        Is there really any difference between the “Machtübernahme” and the downplayingly called “Brexit”?

      2. Never Again indeed!
        It has rocked my faith in democracy. We are ruled by a group of self-serving, greedy, selfish, invisible people who use their power and influence for their own vested interests. They control the media.
        But don’t worry – we will rid ourselves of these populist fools and be back in Europe one day!
        United we stand!!

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