The Corona Diaries – Day 55

These are strange days indeed! One hears about deaths with distant friends but no direct deaths in anyone close (thank Heavens) or in the village. It’s surreal.

I can understand why some people think it’s all an overreaction. It does not seem real. But it is. There is a killer virus out there and mass graves in Central Park. It’s killed over 31,000 in the UK and 77,000 in the USA. But it has put a hell of a lot more than that on ventilators and in intensive care. This isn’t the flu.

If it had not been for all the personal distancing and isolation the health services would have been overwhelmed. There would not have been beds and ventilators and people would have been left to die – just like what is happening in the Care Homes!!

So for fifty five days we’ve been in lockdown. I still can’t say that I’m finding it too hard. Although I miss friends and family, gigs and theatre, I have my writing, my reading, walking and TV. I lead a busy life.

The government seems to still be in a dither. One minute they are leaking to the Press that there is going to be a relaxation of the lockdown and the next minute they are changing their mind. All very confusing. The problem seems to be that the numbers of new cases are still not coming down.

It’s a bit disturbing. It is noticeable that more people are out, more shops are opening and there’s more traffic. We could well be in for a second wave.

In the States it looks dire. The virus is ramping up in many areas and there are a lot of nutters who are not distancing. They’ll be a mighty reckoning!

I hope it goes on for a while yet – I still have two more rooms to decorate.

Today was VE Day – something I feel ambivalent about. I like to think that I would have joined with the international effort to oppose fascism. I respect all the men and women who fought the Nazis. But I don’t like the nationalism or the way it is represented as Britain against Germany. Many in Germany opposed the Nazis and many were tortured and killed for their opposition.

I do not like the jingoistic patriotism. It smacks of Brexit and has racist overtones for me.

This morning we walked up to the top of the hill overlooking the Wolds to see it basking in the sunshine. We passed lots of houses with their bunting. I was heartened to see one house regaled in flags of all different countries! That was my type of house!

I haven’t got much writing done today. I had to take down and repair the blind in my room. I’m not very good at that sort of thing.

I’m off to do a bit of reading!

Take care – Stay Safe!!


4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 55

  1. What is even more despicable is equating Covid-19 with a “battle for freedom” “The freedom to infect,” other “people” be damned crapola. Trumpist are out “protesting” because Orange Fraud isn’t holding his Nureburg rallies for them to chant “lock her up” and “kill immigrants.” Most Trumpists favor disease wiping out migrants, particularly the kids still in cages. Turnabout is fair play, IMO.

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