The Corona Diaries – Day 53

Fifty two days seems a very long time! But we prosper in isolation.

Yesterday I published my 17th Poetry book, today I start work editing my Sci-fi novel Star.  It started life as The Intergalactic Rockstar. Then it became Star Turn. Now it’s just Star.

Writing keeps me busy. Every single day I read and I write, I walk, cook and do some chores. Todays chores were cleaning the toilet and mowing the grass. It’s amazing how quickly the day goes by.

Today’s walk took me along the Beck to Wansford. The sun was shining again and it is becoming quite warm. A lovely walk with nature.

I only passed a few people. Everyone gives you a wide berth and cheery greeting. There were a couple of twitchers who reported having spotted reed warblers and nesting kestrels.

Back home on the Covid-19 front Britain is coming in for some heavy criticism for its complacency and stupidity. Johnson is labelled inept!

The highest death rate in Europe is not something that happens by accident.

This is an extract from the Guardian:

‘From Italy to Australia, critics have accused a “complacent” British government of “massively underestimating” the gravity of the coronavirus crisis after the UK reported the highest death toll in Europe.

While Rai Uno, the Italian state broadcaster’s flagship channel, gave prominent play to the news that Britain had recorded “more than 32,000 deaths, the highest total in Europe exceeding even Italy”, the Corriere della Serra daily went a good way further.

The situation in the UK was “like a nightmare from which you cannot awake, but in which you landed because of your own fault or stupidity”, the influential liberal-conservative paper said, adding that Britain seemed “a prisoner of itself”.’

I wonder what spin the Tories will put on it now??

The Guardian accuses them of gloating and celebrating over Brexit instead of preparing and puts blame on Hunt for running down the NHS and ignoring the warning from Exercise Cygnus in 2016.

Even the Right-wing Telegraph goes to town on it – ‘Exercise Cygnus uncovered: the pandemic warnings buried by the government.’

The truth is that we have an extreme right-wing government of Brexiteers whose only thought was Brexit and nothing else mattered.

Sad state of affairs.

Let’s hope the public wake up to the callous, uncaring and inept nature of this bunch of extremists.

So ends day 52.  Stay Safe!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 53

    1. Hi Neil – I’ve checked out your post and left a comment. I see you haven’t changed your spots. You should be American. You’re a real Trumpist. The virus is a hoax and climate change is fake. You don’t even have the excuse of a poor education.
      Try checking out real science. It’s based on sound theory.

      1. No Opher, the virus isn’t a hoax. But Ferguson’s “science” is dubious, and the quality of his computer code, so I hear from those who have looked at it, is worse.

        And climate change happens. But the ideas that (1) it’s all (or even mainly) caused by humans and (2) warming and more CO2 are necessarily bad things, are unproven and probably not correct.

        As to being a Trumpist… no, I play the tuba, not the trumpet.

      2. Lol Neil. The government choose the science they want to hear. But there is ample evidence around the world of what needs doing. What is manifestly clear is that Johnson, Trump and Bolsonaro all failed to act, were complacent and ill-prepared. They had time. They were inept.
        Ferguson is irrelevant.
        Neil – I despair. There is ample evidence that the effect we are having on the planet is dramatic. There is ample evidence that species diversity is being hugely effected by humans (and has been for thousands of years). There is a huge raft of evidence that it is CO2 and that the effects are catastrophic. You just chose not to believe it not tune in to bogus right-wing propaganda.

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