Today’s Music to keep me SANE in Isolation – The Downliner’s Sect.

The Downliners Sect ought to have been as big as the Stones. They messed up!

They started off at the same time as the Stones and their first album was great R&B on a par with the Stones.

Where the Stones broke through the Sect didn’t. Instead of doing another album of great R&B they decided to chase fame. They put out a Country album which confused everybody. They brought out an EP of Sick Songs – horror. Then an album of Rock and Pop. They jumped on every trend and fell through the cracks!!

Oh what could have been!! But even so we have that first album! I bought that album when it came out based on the front cover and track listing. I wasn’t disappointed! Great stuff.

I loved them. When I play them it always takes me back to my fifteen year old self!

So today I will go back to my youth and play some Sect real loud!!

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