The Corona Diaries – Day 52

It is only now beginning to be discussed – the incompetence and complacency of the initial government’s response.

Despite warnings they were unprepared, did not have any testing capacity, had not stockpiled PPE and had run the NHS down, driving many nurses and doctors away with their hostile environment and Brexit.

There is much more to come out!

Today Britain passed the horrendous landmark of having the worst record on Covid in Europe. It looks like only the USA is on course to be worse. I wonder what spin they will put on that?

Ho hum.

On a more pleasant front they are beginning to talk about restarting football. That would be good. I’m missing sport!

We still have not gone down with the virus. That’s good!

But fifty two days in isolation is a long time!

Today I have been working on my poetry book and have completed it. I set about publishing it!

We went for a walk down the back lanes. It was a bit chilly but didn’t rain. It is great to be out in nature.

It all follows the same pattern.

Another day done! Book complete! Excellento!

Stay Safe!!!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 52

  1. Starting to really hate this necessary lockdown. Haven’t been anywhere in 6 weeks, and at least three more weeks to go. Glad to see you and yours are safe and well, opher. My son finally exhibited mild CV symptoms, but is recovering. Very best news, that. Still can’t see him, but he recovers at his home, cared for by a real gem of a partner. So far she’s remained asymptomatic. Further good news is the prospect of warm temps (80F) and sunny skies staring Thursday for several days. My wife is so glad she retired, or would be working from home. LOL

    1. Hi Jeff – glad to hear that you’re alright and your son is only getting it mildly. That seems to be the case with most people. I bet he doesn’t feature on any stats though.
      We never get the real picture – just the spin.
      The sun is out here too! We’re gonna have a long walk today! Refreshing. We’re coping quite well with this isolation.
      Retirement is good!!

  2. Congrats on the book and your continued good health, Opher! It’s still a cold spring here in southwestern Ontario – we might get up to 10 C here today. Be well.

    1. Thanks John!
      It’s a beautiful Spring day here with blue skies and a temperature of around 14 C. I’m off for a walk!
      Keep Safe!!

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