Talking Five: The Bumbastories Penta-Centennial May Magazine

My Liz and I are both May babies. I opened my eyes to this universe in May – a long time ago now! I’ve never stopped looking!!

Every Day Another Story

The Bumbastories Semi-Quaternary May Magazine

Welcome to the merry month of May! Irregardless of the pandemic, Spring has arrived. As a rule, people like Spring, and especially they like the month of May. May is a lovely name, as are April and June for that matter. Spring months all. It’s curious too that they’re all feminine names. It’s a credit to the season of Spring that the spring months are used to name people. No one calls their children (male, female, or other) February, at least not very often as far as I know. January and December are also low on the popularity list. No, it’s the spring that we like.

Now, the name May, a variation on Maria, is a quite a pretty one, and pops up….well… like May flowers wherever you look. There’s the great Mae West (she spelled it with an e, she did). Hurray for Mae…

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