The Corona Diaries – Day 49

Seven weeks in isolation now. This could be just the start. The virus is out and about in the community. Many are asymptomatic. One can never be sure. So if the lockdown is lifted everyone we meet could be suffering from the virus.

How would one react if one was to go down with it? Hard to say. Most probably OK. But Liz has asthma and I am seventy. Who knows. It could kill us.

The only really safe way out of this lockdown is a vaccine. But a vaccine is not likely any time soon – we could be in lockdown for many months to come.

I bet that has thrown the antivaccers into a quandary.

It’s been a bit of a strange day today. It was Liz’s birthday. But we did a bit more decorating, went for a walk, had a man round to fix the internet and watched a film – a bit of a lazy day!!

I’m taking Liz for a meal in! I’ve ordered a takeaway. We’ll have a bottle of wine and a celebration!

It is the first birthday in isolation! Mine is at the end of the month. I hope our next ones will be out of isolation.

However, this is still not too bad. We have walks in beautiful nature, books to read, books to write and a house to decorate, plus a lot of telly to catch up on.

We’re doing OK!

So – Stay Safe!! Stay Isolated!  Take it easy – but take it!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 49

      1. Too true. I sure worry for the States – looking at the state of that curve. Too many people taking it too lightly. Coming out of lockdown too early could be a disaster. Trump sure has a lot to answer for.

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