The Corona Diaries – Day 48

Well the USA has more deaths from Corvid-19 than were killed in the whole of the Vietnam war and the UK is heading for the worst death-rate in Europe.

The USA is on a curve soaring up into the stratosphere with no sign of levelling off. But then to isolate or social distance is communist. I wonder if those Tea Party pranksters still feel it is just a Democrat Hoax. Maybe at some point they’ll change their mind and accept global warming – or even vaccination!

Or are they pinning their hopes on God saving them??

Looks like these populist leaders are completely useless!! But don’t say I didn’t tell you!!

Meanwhile, due to isolation and social distancing, we are exempt from infection and haven’t died yet! Yippee – still got book to write!!

Yesterday we heard from two friends that they had relatives that had died – one lost a sister and one a niece. It makes it real.

In the Care Home in Driffield it is rumoured that thirteen have died. But hey – they’re only old. They don’t count, right?

So life goes on in isolation. We decorated the stairwell today – a big job. But it looks great. So it’s a productive time!

I have done a few pages of my poetry book. Played some Gil Scott-Heron and tidied up the blog. Still haven’t found time to watch that Michael Moore – but it’s on the list!

Then we went for an hour’s walk – just down the back lanes. It rained a little but was OK.

Tomorrow is Liz’s birthday. I’m taking her in for dinner! Perhaps I should have got a card or something?

Birthday in lockdown is a bit different to usual!

It’ll be seven weeks tomorrow!! Wow!  I’m getting used to this rhythm.

Stay Safe everyone!!  Stay out of the USA!! It’s looking a bit dicey over there!!  Take care my American friends!!

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