The Corona Diaries – Day 47

As the heavy toll of death in our Care Homes starts to surface we can begin to get a picture of what has been going on.

A political decision was made early on. The elderly were not to be admitted to hospital. They were left to be cared for in the Care Homes.

Many were persuaded to make Do Not Resuscitate orders.

There were no specialist staff, no ventilators or drugs. They were left to die.

The carers were not trained for such things. They were not equipped and forced to use whatever came to hand in terms of gloves, masks and aprons. Yet they went on caring for the dying and went back to their families despite the risk to themselves and their love ones.

What bravery!!

I think when this is all over there will be a lot of questions to be answered!!

Today’s activities have been to the background of Snooks Eaglin’s beautiful songs!

I’ve spent most of today painting! By the time this isolation is over I think I will have painted the whole bloody house!!

The trouble is that Liz’s list doesn’t seem to get any shorter!

After I’d cleaned up for today I wrote a few pages for the poetry book.

I then did an hour’s walk. It was the first time since we got back from Brazil that I had to walk in the rain. It was still a nice walk and the gardens certainly need the rain. I bet the farmers were grateful too.

So now it’s time for a glass of red, a nice meal and a bit of TV.

Stay safe everybody!!

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