I’m a super-super-patriot.

I reckon a patriot is someone who loves their country.

I do much more than that!!

I love many things about my country but there are also many things in its history or present day that are despicable and leaves me ashamed.

My country right or wrong? NO!!! My country right or not at all.

No country is deserving of unconditional love. No country is perfect.

Countries are artificial constructs. They are only as good as the government and the people who live in that area. They are all flawed, all guilty of crimes.

I can’t support such a beast!

I am so much more!!! I’m a super-super-patriot!!

A super-patriot is someone who loves all mankind!

I do so much more than that!!

I believe all people are of equal worth!!

Yes, I know some are mean, aggressive, violent and nasty. Some are kind, compassionate and would do anything for you. Some are clever and some are stupid.

I think nobody is worthless. They are victims of their own upbringing.

I support all people. We need to support those in need and give help to those in need, those who are hate-filled and violent.

But I go much further than just people!

Forget your stupid creation of artificial nations! Forget your elevation of human beings into some god-like creations.

I’m a super-super-patriot because I support all life on this planet. I don’t believe humans are any more special than any other form of life.

I’m a super-super-patriot because I want a world where every person, every creature and every plant is treated with the respect it deserves!!

We need to find the balance!

I support what is right – and oppose what is wrong – regardless of who is doing it!

Viva Nature!!

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