The Corona Diaries – Day 44

Today was yet another sunny Spring day. We’ve been incredibly lucky so far. I don’t think we’ve had one day of rain. Strange that after the torrential rain and floods we had earlier (while I was away in Brazil). The weather and climate are extremely abnormal. Climate change is in operation.

I managed to jury-rig my internet. It gives me some cover. I keep having to play about with it though! Most annoying.

We went out for our walk, up the end of the village and out into the countryside. It is nice to see the changes. Already the may blossom is falling and trees are in their bright green new finery. It changes fast. Nature is alive. Yesterday we watched hares running in the fields. Wonderful.

While I was walking I was thinking back to previous pandemics. When the black death came round it had a kill rate of 80-90%. We can only imagine. Covid-19 is only about 1% if that. Whole villages and towns were wiped out.

North Frodingham, where I used to live, was a plague village. The plague came through and wiped out most of the inhabitants. They then burnt the whole village down (apart from the church) and rebuilt a little way away – hence the church stands on its own.

In Beverley, where I taught, they had a huge lime pit near to where the station is. Every day the monks would go around the town collecting the bodies. They would be taken to the pit and thrown in. There’s a pub called The Monks’ Walk with a passageway they used to use to carry the stricken to the pit.

I think we’ve been spoilt. Antibiotics have removed most of the serious bacterial diseases. We have vaccination for most deadly virus diseases. With better sanitation, drinking water and medical advances we feel secure.

Covid-19 has shown us that is a bit of an illusion.

It is afternoon now. I have done my exercise for today. I will read in the garden for an hour. Do some writing on the Roy Harper book and my poetry book and do some preparation for decorating the stairwell!

Then it will be time for dinner, a glass or two of wine and some TV.

The days fill up. There’s no time to get bored!! Day 44 is proving as fruitful as most other days. But then we are incredibly privileged. We are not in need of food, have sufficient funds, are not in danger of losing our jobs – all we are missing are friends, family and getting out doing things.

We are both well and all our family is now well. Things are good!!

Only another year or two to go!!

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