Today’s Music to stop me going mad in Isolation! – The Beatles!!

Well weren’t they something?? They changed music. But more importantly, unlike their Mersey compatriots, they did not get stuck in the rut of their success and changed from a band of R&B and Rock ‘n’ Roll into an experimental band that pushed back the boundaries musically and lyrically.

They were also the band I grew up with.

I first heard the Beatles when that first album came out – round at my friend Tony’s house – I Saw Her Standing There – Fabulous. I was fourteen and smitten. From then on I bought every single and album the day they came out and grew along with them. By the time they split up I was a long-haired fully fledged twenty one year old veteran of the London Undreground.

So the Beatles mean a lot to me. I will be playing Beatles all day – Loud and LOUDER!!!

7 thoughts on “Today’s Music to stop me going mad in Isolation! – The Beatles!!

  1. So true! They forged the way, changing and inspiring other musicians to do the same. Like you, I was a fan since “I want to Hold Your Hand” through the years to Abbey Road. 🙂

      1. I think taking a break when you’re a young, hot band often is like popping a ballon. Will they stay together? And will the fans stay?

      2. Yes – but I think the Beatles were so big and had gone through many phases. A come-back after a few years would have aroused a huge response. Instead they struggled on a year longer than they should have and imploded. The in-fighting made it too fraught to get back together.

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