The Amazon Trip – Antigua – Photos


Antigua looked pretty with its rolling green hills, brightly painted houses and fortress.

I sat in the early morning warmth, drinking my tea and wondering what sort of day this might be? I doubted that it would have the natural beauty of St Lucia, but it did already look more interesting than Tobago.

As we slid into dock there were frigate birds above and brown and pink pelicans sitting on the water, diving around the ship or flying low across the sea. It was a little cloudy and we had a flurry of rain. The boat had a great arc of a grainy rainbow over it – quite auspicious.

We’d opted for a jeep ride around the island. It took us up back roads, through villages, past the now familiar chattel houses, churches, filling stations (they were proud of their filling stations), pay phones, rolling hills and tropical rainforest (now protected). We even went into a hospital carpark to get a view over the town and island. We stopped overlooking Falmouth Bay, with its myriad of yachts, to have a rum punch or two – (after all – it was nearly ten a.m.).

After a lot of bumping about and extolling the virtues of various stores, factories, garages and water desalination plants, we ended up at the beach – and what a beach – turquoise water, white sand, warm water, hot sun. So, we went in for a dip, then to the café for coffee and a rum punch before we headed back to St John’s for a stroll round.

And a beer in the bar.

While wandering around St John’s I took a few photos of various photogenic characters that gave a flavour of the place.

Today we start our four days at sea! Back into a routine of meals, lectures, writing group, watching the sea, looking for wildlife, visiting the jacuzzi on top deck with a beer, writing and reading.

Sounds great! What a privilege!

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