The Corona Diaries – Day 37

Started the day with a stuffed up nose and cough – but nothing Covid-19-like. Just an allergy. We’re still feeling fine.

I find it quite salutary to think that one might pop into the shop for a trivial purchase, some milk or a chocolate bar, the temptation is always there, brush against somebody, accept some change, breath the air, and from that trivial act end up on a ventilator or dead – from fit and healthy to a coffin in one easy move.

It does not seem real – but it has happened thousands of times.

The utterances of the WHO announcements have floated around in my head. Corona viruses do not usually build up immunity. We might not ever reach herd immunity or develop an effective vaccine. This virus might be around forever. Sooner or later we will have to come out and face it – to find out if we are one of those for whom it is a minor inconvenience or if we will be left fighting for our lives.

Back in the Dark Ages they confronted many a plague – Black Death or Smallpox would wipe out ninety percent. Death was a regular occurrence. It took your children from you. It ravaged communities. Not a piddling 2%! What wimps we have become – skulking indoors afraid to greet our fellows. What luxury we have – to not have to work for a living – to be cossetted at home.

There is much talk of a different society with different values – let us hope. A fairer society in which people are recognised more – the cleaners, carers, nurses, drivers, till operators and bin emptyers. Where would we be without them? The exploiters and profiteers are being shown up for what they are – greedy, uncaring pigs.

Johnson and Trump are revealed as what they are too – lazy, indolent, selfish and all front. Their ignorance and complacency has killed tens of thousands!!

The cabinet of Brexiteers has been found wanting, absent or like frightened rabbits in the spotlight, incapable of organising anything on a national basis – incompetent, mouthy fools.

Perhaps this will be the end of populism??

Today we walked in the sunshine, appreciated the fresh air (untainted with fumes) and wondered at nature. Without people the world is a better place. Perhaps it might be a signal to reduce our numbers and our impact? Who knows if we will come to our senses?

And so another day comes to an end.

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