The Corona Diaries – Day 36

As we head off into our fifth week of isolation it still feels good. We’ve become very self-contained and insular. On our walks we automatically give people a wide berth or cross the road. Friendly words are exchanged about the weather, covid-19, Spring, nature or the weirdness of the situation. People are more open and communicative. There’s a friendliness around!

I pulled a muscle in my back so am set up with a tens machine. I’ve got it set to full on. It’s quite painful. I’m wearing it all today. It’s quite painful (must be doing me some good). It’s great when I turn it off!

We’re still well with no sign of virus.

The World Health Organisation put a few holes in things today. It seems that the antibody test is not the answer. It is likely that the antibodies do not afford immunity. You can get the disease more than once. Corona viruses in general do not create immunity.

That rather buggers things up.

The idea of herd immunity is thrown out the window.

Perhaps the whole idea of a vaccine is out the window too!

That means that the virus could stick around forever. We could be social distancing or in isolation for much longer than first thought. Perhaps forever?

So we now need to put our faith in drug treatments for those who get it badly. That seems a bit more promising.

In the meantime:

There are big debates about how the government has messed up – starting too slow, not having adequate resources for PPE and testing, not having a good strategy, running down the NHS and generally being incompetent. We seem to be heading for the worst number of deaths in the whole of Europe – only the USA is going to be worse!!

Then there is the terrible effect of this disease on the less developed countries – Africa, South America and the Middle East could be badly hit. They could be a reservoir for the disease to ensure it comes back to bite us time and again.

There is also a debate about face masks. Are they necessary? Effective? They seem to be softening us up. The likelihood is that they probably stop those already infected from spreading it.

Putting all that to one side I started the day with a bit of painting. I put a topcoat on the windows (still covered in white gloss – I needed PPE). I then went for a walk. It was chilly today and a bit cloudy. Never mind! It will soon be sunshine again.

Interestingly there is a little stall outside one house where a lady sells books, eggs and DVDs for charity. I bought some brie!! That was a strange thing to bring back from a walk!

Now – a little work on the blog!!

Be safe!! Until tomorrow!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 36

  1. Opher, you may be familiar with this and you may not but Tubularsock would be interested in your take on it.

    Tubularsock follows Wick and he’s a fun fellow if you are not familiar with his work.
    So, he is the one who brought this information to Tubularsock’s attention:

    And then here is CNN’s take on the subject. Tubularsock doesn’t trust CNN much but this is what they are saying on the subject:

    Now, being Tubularsock’s SciFi guru what do sayeth?

    1. That pretty weird Tub. But I predicted the virus in my book – Ebola in the Garden of Eden – circa 1986 – now released as New Eden. (Not quite as well as Dean Koontz I must admit – though I put mine a bit further in the future).
      That was quite amazing though. Thanks for sending it through.
      Sci-fi writes and life follows! I reckon our ideas drive reality!!

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