Walk No. 7 – Springtime in Yorkshire – Lambs, donkeys, goats and ducklings – photos

It was another beautiful day in Yorkshire.

It’s always like this on the Costa Del Humber.

I set off past my bird-bath piece of artwork. It’s made from a giant leaf in concrete. I must put some water in it!

The bluebells are out. A mossy ornament in someone’s garden!

In the fields the lambs were prancing in the sunshine. Above is Shank. Below are cutlet and Mint Sauce.

The donkeys are enjoying life now that they are not in harness at the beach!

Farmers never chuck anything away. You never know when it will come in handy.

I liked those tufts!

Farm houses and celandine meadows.

The bridge and the beck.

A couple of ducklings looking for mum. You can have them for a song. They’re going cheap.

The rape is beginning to flower.

A white tailed bumble bee.

The ivy certainly makes interesting shapes as it climbs up the trunk.

Butterflies and orchids.

Rainbow trout and waterweed in the dappled sunshine.

Boles and birds.

Wasps and my tree coming to life.

overgrown brick bridges and ducklings.

Goats – looking curious.

Eye eye lambs!

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