The Hippies were right after all!

Everything the Hippies espoused to was correct. Everything the establishment pushed was wrong.

The establishment created a world of profit, conflict, racism, status symbols and war. It was a world of distrust, power, hate and environmental catastrophe. It was a shallow world of hypocrisy with no real values.

The Hippies wanted a world of peace, love, sharing and respect. They sought meaning through nature and were inclusive. They wanted fun, pleasure and spiritual fulfilment.

The Hippie dream was considered naïve and innocent. They were told it went against human nature.

Now we can look at the result of the capitalist establishment’s values – an overpopulated world of war, division, hatred and environmental catastrophe; an unequal world of great poverty and ludicrous wealth, of starvation and the destruction of nature.

Perhaps the virus will make us look again at the values we all live by?

Maybe a more sane approach is what is required?

Maybe we have to learn to limit our numbers and live better with nature?

Next time the pandemic might kill 99%!

Perhaps there are lessons to be learnt from the Hippie view?

I'd like to hear from you...

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