A 4th English Spring walk.

It was a bit gloomy and cold when we set off for our daily bit of exercise but that did not deter us.

It seems that Easter is mixed up with Corona Virus. Windows are full of Rainbows, eggs and bunnies.

Over here Easter is more concerned with chocolate eggs laid by strange rabbits than anything to do with Jesus.

Easter is a time of rebirth (hence the eggs and rabbits) a very pagan festival in Spring. So it is strange to have it in the midst of death and shutdown with the Corona pandemic. But Hey – there will be a rebirth. Let’s hope that the new world that emerges is better than the old one.

We walked down the High Street to the top of the village. Pas an array of rainbows, eggs, bunnies and scarecrows!

I like the one done in Christmas tree lights (but it wasn’t on!)

We reached the end of the village and had a little explore down an old disused road.

It petered out into a wood. We moved out on to the path alongside the main road.

The farmers were at work planting, ploughing and keeping us fed. The seagulls were looking for a meal.

More of my favourite skeletal trees.

The yellow rape is already flowering.

We turned off down a little side lane.

A chaffinch singing among the blossom.

Up the back lane.

And round – heading back to the village.

Back to eggs and rainbows.

We’re in lockdown!!  Stay safe!!


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