The Corona Diaries – Day 26

The days flow past. Johnson is still in intensive care. The death toll rises. The doctors and nurses risk their lives and suffer the stress.

We remain locked down in isolation. I play music, write and read. It is not so bad at all even though I miss the contact.

We go for walks.

The weather is brilliant. Today we walked along the beck from Nafferton to Wansford. It was beautiful. I forgot to take the camera. I will do that on the next fine day and show you the beauty of the sparkling water, hedgerows and fields.

Today we ambled for two hours and hardly saw anyone. The few we did see kept their distance and we passed warm greetings. It has opened up warmer relationships between people.

We stopped at the end for a sandwich. This isolation is no great hardship. We feel guilty.

Today I am working on the cover for my new book. I like what is coming together. I’m waiting for permission to use the chose photo. I might have to select another.

My chosen artist today is Jimi Hendrix – I’m playing him loud. It brings back great memories from those days of possibility of my uncompromising youth. They feel a long time ago.

I’m reading Michelle Obama’s book ‘Becoming’ and enjoying it greatly.

One phrase struck me – I shall paraphrase – ‘We either accept the world as it is or try to make it what it should be.’

I’ve spent my life trying to make it what it should be.

I’m not sure how one judges a life or success. I guess it is usually limited. All I know is that if people don’t continue to strive to make it better it gets worse. So I’ll keep on trying.

The post arrived this afternoon and I received the album that I’d ordered – Jackson C Frank – American Troubadour. So this afternoon I stopped playing Jimi to give Jackson a listen. Such a sad story.

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