Today’s Music to Cheer Me Up in Isolation!!

Today I shall be playing Buddy Holly – REAL LOUD!!

I first discovered Buddy Holly in 1959 when I was ten. My older friend Clive used to buy all Buddy Holly and Adam Faith singles. When he got tired of them he sold them to me for a few pennies. I still have them all!!

Buddy is the man who put melody into Rock. He was a superb songwriter. His music lives on. In such a few short years he produced tens of brilliant songs. I never get fed-up with them. He’ll raise my spirits today!!

Rock On Buddy!!

14 thoughts on “Today’s Music to Cheer Me Up in Isolation!!

      1. I always wondered what would have happened if he’d lived long enough to get together with the Beatles. I think they would really have got along. What music they’d have made.

  1. The hood’s Trumpists are mad at me because when I play loudly, it rattles glass in their kitchen window…so annoying, eh? The folks next door told me, upset because they didn’t hear anything. LOL Cheers, opher.

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