Mixed Metaphors

Dave sums it up. I feel the same way. They did not act fast enough. Complacent. Then that bollocks about herd immunity. And no BLOODY TESTING!!! They had their mind on Brexit and nothing else mattered. They spent ten years messing up hospitals and schools and driving away good doctors and nurses in some xenophobic madness called hostile environment.
They now have a major problem. They’ve discovered we need all these farm workers, cleaners, nurses, carers at old folks homes, doctors, teachers and council workers that they drove away. The ones we can do without are the bloody high-earners!!
And rounding it off with Howlin’ Wolf is nigh on perfect! I’ve had my time too!

a nomad in cyberspace

Rallying troopers for a
hopeless charge with the
empty pledge that future
targets will soon be in place and, going forward,
onward plans exist to provide sufficient operational gear
retrospectively some time sooner or later this year
is rather like waiting for hoofbeats to die away into distance before
closing the stable door.

Cue picture, followed by some additional thoughts:

Don't shut the stable door after the horse has bolted' - meaning ...

I don’t really know what else to say … but somehow or other I can’t leave it there. Like many others, perhaps, I’m torn between a profound wish to support the national effort and the burning urge to criticise the hell out of it.

To do whatever it takes is a fine slogan but simply reacting to events may not be enough when the initiative must be seized so that we get ahead of the curve. If preparations have been left too…

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