The Corona Diaries – Day 17

The days are flying past. I’m having trouble remembering what day we are on.

Well Day 17 brings the good news that Dylan is better and heading back to the front line. Now that he has had it I am sure that he will have immunity and we won’t have to worry about him. So I suppose that it’s good that he caught it. I still think the government needs a kicking. They need to get their arse in gear. They had plenty of warning – since last December!

They had no contingency plans in place, no stocks of ventilators or protective gear, no testing kits and they had run down the NHS for a decade!

They should look at how China, Korea, Singapore and Germany have dealt with it!  Testing is essential – Test – follow up contacts and isolate them.

Testing with follow up is the key! We’re not even starting yet! Why are we so far behind???

Dylan is a nurse in the front line and he was put at risk, provided with inadequate protection and still has not been tested!!

It is pathetic!

Moan over – today we went for a walk, avoided the rain, and enjoyed nature. Everywhere the buds are bursting open to reveal the fresh pale green perfect leaves. The birds are singing and everywhere looks normal. Spring is here (even if it is still cold).

It is strange to think that all those creatures have no idea of the way our lives have been affected. Corona doesn’t exist for them.

Back home I finished my third rewrite of the Sci-fi novel I’m working on. I’m starting the final reread.

I have Bo Diddley blaring out and an irate Liz telling me to turn it down – It’s just like when I was a kid and my Mum would be yelling at me!

It is my son Henry’s birthday today. It’s going to be an unusual one – one to remember.

So as the police seem to be misusing their powers and the politicians prevaricate our isolation continues.

It’s up to us to show common sense. Isolate, avoid contact and wash our hands!

I hope there’s something good on telly!

13 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 17

  1. Good news about Dylan! Happy Birthday Henry! ‘Tis great to have something essential to celebrate at this time.

    Your mention of Nature’s ambivalence to the pandemic brings to mind a recent quote by a Conservation Manager at one of the U.K’s national wildlife reserves who remarked that visitors to the reserve at this time would be around one million. In their absence wildlife are free to roam unimpeded by human activity. He imagined those animals to be delighted: ‘Ahhh,’ they’d say, ‘all this is again all ours to enjoy. No doubt all animals across the world are responding as favorably to our removal from their (rightful) habitats.

    An amusing, (and endearing) story in a newspapers daily news-feed tells of an individual dressed as Spiderman making a timely appearance in neighborhoods around the Manchester area chiefly as entertainment and reassurance for children who wave to him from their windows. I think it a wonderful tale! Of course it excites the imagination to consider other masked, gloved, characters who might also suit such a role, but of course, no-one would really welcome Darth Vader appearing at the garden gate.

    Enjoy your day Opher.


    1. Give it a go Dewin! I can see you as Darth Vader waving to the terrified kids. Mind you I think that the Lone Ranger might be more appropriate!
      Had a great walk in the countryside today. Nature is really enjoying be free of us. When we are eventually permanently gone I can see it all coming back strong and not missing us at all.

      1. Many Marvel superheroes are masked and gloved, but Spidey is everyone’s favorite neighborhood superhero! He’s certainly always been mine, alongside Silver Surfer, but i can’t see anyone riding around on a surfboard: the authorities would probably deem it unessential travel.

        Darth Vader would terrify, but then again so would The Grim Reaper.

        Apparently Spidey can be contacted (by mum’s in the know!) and booked to appear on your street! lol 😀

        I can see the whole costume related ‘thing’ escalating as people seek ways to enliven the spirits and brighten the mood.


      2. Depending on the longevity and severity of the lock-down period, it is quite possible Nature will extend herself into suburban areas. Of concern will be how we might deal with this perceived encroachment in the aftermath of COVID-19?


      3. Perhaps that is true. But this new world we will wake up to after COVID-19 can be very different to the one we’ve left behind. It is a matter of personal choice as much as it is the choice of governments around the world.

        For many the fluff and fabric of daily lives – the aesthetic veneer we see as defining who we are, and what we are, has been stripped away – and we are left naked before the mirror, some perhaps seeing themselves for the very first time. It is an opportunity to be self-reflective and contemplative, and to invest energy and effort in thoughtful consideration of our self, our true nature. and the relationship we have with all life on Earth in its broadest and/or most deeply intimate sense.

        Those who are able to access Nature during their daily escape from lock-down will know all to well how comforting, enlivening, and enriching the wide-open spaces are, and how liberating it is to embrace Nature and be soothed by her Love. Perhaps many others will find that joy when restrictions are lifted and people free to move around once again.


      4. The problem is that we are a small minority – a speck in the paintwork, a pimple on the arse of an elephant. The vast majority want their Love Island and to get pissed on a Saturday night.
        They voted Brexit, Trump and Tory. It’s a hopeless case!

      5. That would be nice! Perhaps I should dress up? I’d probably get arrested though – it wouldn’t be deemed essential work.

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