The Corona Diaries – Day 15

This is our fifteenth day in isolation. We went out for our usual hour walk. It is good to be able to walk miles down the country lanes, hardly passing a soul. A bit dour here, ominous clouds and a cold wind, but a nice walk. It is strange not seeing friends, no gigs, cinema or theatre – and no sport!! All a bit weird.

I’m still busy writing, reading and sorting photos. I’ve got enough to do but I’ve noticed my focus is not as good. I’m getting a little lethargic.

It’s nice to see royalty and the government getting down with the people!! I notice they get tested while my son doesn’t!

We are eating well – fresh salad from our organic growers and free-range eggs from the farms.

I’m watching the politics of this disease with interest. America is looking down the barrel of a catastrophe. So slow off the mark, so complacent. We weren’t much better. This has been predicted for years yet no contingency plans were brought in.

Lessons to be learnt.

Is this down to a trade-off between the economy and health? How many deaths are acceptable?

We now know that money can be found for the NHS and we can get the homeless off the streets if we want.

Things have changed forever.

Perhaps we will start valuing public servants a lot better and realise what they contribute to society??? Perhaps???

The irony is that the novel I started writing in January is about bacteria farming humans. It has become very topical!!

So here I am in my study. Elmore James is blaring out and I am writing.

Good luck to you all! Stay safe.

31 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 15

  1. A relaxed yet stimulating set of observations. You encourage me to try something similar … a good time to stand back and reflect, methinks, as your perspicacious political points prove (and all of which I agree with!) …

    1. Hi Dave – I feel like an observer, not a participant. There is an eerie unreality – as if we are waiting for a storm to break. I feel like I’m balanced on top of a huge wave that is about to topple.
      Do write your own. It would make for interesting reading!
      Stay safe my friend! These are unknown waters. There are reefs. Isolate.

    1. Hi Myth – good to hear from you. I was getting worried.
      Yes we are taking care – but nobody is in complete control any longer. Things take their course and we wait.
      You take care Myth. Isolate and stay safe.

      1. You take care too dear Opher whom I hold great respect for! Thank you, I am keeping safe! I Have been trying to make sense of our President…🤐

      2. Oh it’s beyond disturbing, especially for those of us who care so deeply for everyone and their prosperity! The sad thing is, he will only be remembered for his antics? Thank you Opher, I can only hope I am too kind, that’s where my heart belongs. I hope you are enjoying your writing!
        And basking in the love of family!
        Take care Opher, leaving you with a friendly elbow bump! ☀️😀

      3. Cheers Myth. Yes I am enjoying my writing and we are not killing each other yet – but it’s early days!!
        One day Trump and all this populist uncaring right-wing selfish, greedy politics will be a thing of the past and a new age of love, caring and tolerance will be reborn. There will be another sixties!!
        An elbow bump back to you!! Take care and be safe!!

      4. ‘not killing each other yet- it’s early days!! 😀 Yes, I believe Society is growing very tired of the politicians and their ways. There will always be people who don’t like others, but we can still come together and Unite as one. Live and Let Live, right? Keep those wheels turning Opher! May you always be joined at the hip with prosperity! ☀️ Knee bump…😀 Oh man…..

      5. Myth – I always believe that there are more of us who care than who don’t!
        In the end we will win and we will make the planet a better place for everyone!
        Knee bump back at you!

      6. I too would like to believe that Opher! Thank goodness we all have lessons to learn, and experiences to go through that can lead so many more of us to a better place in our living. Every generation has had catastrophe to endure, and each time these events occur, more and more people become the better for it. This time around we are all humbling, together. Over and out Captain Oh so right! Heel bump…😌☀️

      7. Let’s hope that a lot of people come out of this all the better for it!
        Heel bump back to you! (Let’s hope we don’t run out of body parts!)

      8. Being a lady, I decided not to go there Opher…but running out of body parts did and enter my mind!! 😂 Backward Head bump! …🤣

      9. Opher, I just wanted to tell you I don’t bypass your quality and valued writing. Thank you again for being a champ, and sharing your sense of humor, I can’t imagine living without humor ever! ☀️😀

      10. And thank you for your sustaining support. I don’t get a lot of that. I think that humour and love are the two greatest human qualities. Take care Myth.

    1. That was quite a chilling read Dewin. I guess a couple of weeks more of this create that feel! Things have changed, tectonic plates have shifted. We must built new continents.
      Thanks for sending that through Dewin.

      1. It certainly gives one pause for thought, but yet perhaps also allows us to prepare for what is nigh on the horizon. The U.K is accelerating towards a peak in the COVID-19 pandemic and greater public restrictions are likely: who knows what further adjustments we will have to make personally, collectively, emotional, physically, psychologically in order to accommodate and adequately deal with them.

        The world is in utter chaos: it is as if the global reset button has been pushed. Nothing will be entirely as it once was. You are right, the ground beneath our feet is quaking.

        As an aside, having asked Google the question, ‘Are there diseases in space?’, I’ve just been reading an entry on Wiki suggesting the following:

        ‘Diseases from Space. Diseases from Space is a book published in 1979 that authored by astronomers Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe, where they propose that many of the most common diseases which afflict humanity, such as influenza, the common cold and whooping cough, have their origins in extraterrestrial sources.’

        Seems we don’t even have a far-flung star to run to!

        Enjoy your weekend. Happy writing,


      2. Yes I’ve heard that theory of Fred’s. Interesting. There is also the theory that all life on this planet was seeded from bacteria in meteorites. I kind of incorporated that into the book I am writing now. I find it interesting to look at these things – such as the organelles in our complex eukaryotic cells are thought to be bacteria that were incorporated (mitochondria, chloroplasts).
        All goes to prove that we are better together working in cooperation rather than competition!!

      3. I guess the only bright light anywhere in this is now feeling deeply there will be “a reckoning. The T party fascists have now suggested those over 70 die for “the economy.” Yet this same crowd shuffles and whines over abortion and dead babies. Can’t have it both ways, notsees. All pretense is dropped. We need dead people, not a dead economy. “But we’re sooooo concerned about ‘the right to life,’ unless it interferes with a good economy” or King Donald’s reelection. Rank stinking hypoicrites that will see their conservative little world finally buried when everyone figures out they are total BS , dressing their crap up with freedom and liberty for the few, everyone else stay in line. There will be a reckoning. Count on it.

      4. I watch what is happening in America with incredulity. Trump, who was so behind the curve, denying and blaming, refusing to have a nationwide cooperative response but still rely on market forces so that profit can be made out of death – insane, callous and uncaring. The man is incapable of seeing anything other than making money.
        The conspiracy theories, the flat-earthers, the fear of socialism, the hatred of any international global cooperation. The hatred of the UN, the lies, ignorance and stupidity, the denial of overpopulation, climate change and species extinction, the blind faith in Jesus, the intolerance, the violence and guns, this hypocrisy of spouting freedom while insisting on conformity. All fed and used by politicians.
        I am reminded of Only a Pawn in their Game.

  2. This crisis will be tough to mentally recover from. Funerals providing a small amount of closure in deaths are no longer possible. The wife of the neighbor that died followed him yesterday. He has family that stepped in, she has no known family, so it may be up to neighbors to chip in for her funeral that can’t be held. It’s worse elsewhere. The vinyard manager of the place we stayed in Italy last year, and his wife, have died along with several others we got to know there. The vinyard manager and wife left a 15 yr old boy and 20 yr old daughter. I gave the used guitar I bought there to the son when we left last fall. He was taking lessons this Winter. There will be more loss. And we need to cope. Good luck, everyone. My heart is very heavy.

    1. So much pain and suffering, so much loss, so much fear, panic and despair. It is unrecognisable to what it was only a few weeks ago. The world has changed.
      We have to build something better on the other side.

  3. hi Opher,
    from India. We certainly have to build something better. I can tell you that the feelings you are writing about are truly universal right now. We are on day 36 of our lockdown and it seems like I am reading my own thoughts in your space.

    1. Hi Dr B, good to hear from you! I trust you are keeping safe in these troubled times! It is nice to know that we share the same feelings and thoughts all over this planet of ours! Thank you for saying!

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