Opher Goodwin Author – Featured Book – Ebola in the Garden of Eden – a Sci-fi novel.

I think this is highly appropriate for the situation we are in with covid-19.

Opher's World


This is another of my best Sci-fi novels. A look into the future as a government comes up with the solution to the population crisis with unexpected results.

This is the blurb:

The Synod

The Synod is a group of the world’s top politicians who received their orders from ‘upstairs’ – a shady group of billionaires who pull the strings. There is concern that the huge population is out of control. It is no longer economically viable. The problems now exceed the profits. It is time to take drastic action.

The Scientist

Science is pure. Working with the genome is expanding knowledge. The ethics can be left to the politicians to worry about.

Mickel’s Syndrome

Mikel’s Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder of partial trisomy creating a slight difference in biochemistry but a large difference in a person.

A crisis precipitated

There is a law that whatever can go wrong…

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