Featured book – Ebola in the Garden of Eden – My Sci-fi novel about a pandemic.

Featured book – Ebola in the Garden of Eden – the history


I thought this was appropriate for this time.

I actually had the idea for this book in the 1980s. Back then the logging companies were starting to build roads into the interior of the jungles in order to devastate the wondrous trees growing there. Previously unreachable areas were being opened up. Communities of animals were coming into contact with humans for the first time.

Right behind the morally corrupt loggers the even worse hunters moved in. They suddenly had access to the creatures and were killing everything that moved. When I visited Africa it was horrifying. All the lorries that passed had corpses of animals – chimps, gorillas included. They were being transported to market in the cities. Bush meat fetched a high price. Alongside the highway hunters flagged down lorries to sell their booty. The wild-life was being slaughtered.

Because these creatures had previously been isolated from human contact they carried diseases that we had no immunity against. The chimps and gorillas they were butchering were almost human – they had 99% the same DNA as us. Hence they carried viruses that could cross species barriers.

Within a short while we were harvesting the fruit. HIV/AIDS and Ebola were just two of the diseases our viciousness unleashed upon us. They came from these isolated animals.

When I was looking around for a suitable virus I settled on the then extremely rare Ebola virus. It was deadly and nasty. I wanted a programme set up by government for selectively eradicating surplus population. What could be better.

As I was in Senior Management in school at the time I did not have a lot of time for writing so I mapped the whole book out chapter by chapter and set it by. When I retired I wrote it. By then Ebola had become front page news. I was a little concerned that it could be seen as jumping on the wagon and almost changed the virus. But then I thought that it was still highly appropriate and decided against.

Ebola in the Garden of Eden was born.

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