The Corona Diaries – Day 13

Today was more of the same! We’ve got into quite a routine. I get up, do a bit of writing, go out for some exercise, do the lunch for both of us – today was a boiled egg and toast. The exercise is a walk down the back roads of a couple of miles. People are very good. They keep their distance and cross the road.

I had to go to the shop for essentials – milk and choccy biscuits!

We also had to post a parcel for our son in London. Apart from that we are indoors.

This afternoon was warm and sunny and I took myself off into the garden to sit and read (McEwan’s Cockroach) a thinly veiled pastiche of Kafka’s Metamorphosis and Brexit. I’m enjoying it. It’s only short but pithy.

Still got a bit of the sniffles!

Older son, who has corvid-19, is a little better. But still no testing for NHS staff – what is wrong with this government??? Surely that is a priority????

Now going off to binge on a boxset of something or other in front of the log burner.

It’s a hard life!!!

10 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 13

  1. Knowing you enjoy your music Opher, I thought you’d appreciate this cover of Bohemian Rhapsody…

    Good to hear of your son’s continued improvement.

    What’s wrong with the U.K government??? They’re soulless, dense, dark creatures lacking human qualities of sensitivity and nobility.

    Loaf long and prosper dude!


  2. I hope your son’s recovery continues, Opher. Here we are across the proverbial pond and living an almost identical lifestyle. I am so grateful that we have a lovely home for this period of isolation. I see that COVID-19 got Boris. Stay safe and stay well, my friend!

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