Lessons to be learnt from Covid-19

We are very fortunate that although this virus is extremely contagious it does not affect children as badly and, despite the number of deaths, has a low death-rate. It causes major respiratory problems that put 10-14% of victims in intensive care though. Not nice.

Rarely does something come along without having some positive outcomes. This pandemic has reduced pollution and global warming for a bit. That can’t be bad.

But more importantly it has been a warning that might make us look again at some of the things we are doing. Here are some lessons I think we should learn:

  1. We should stop taking animals out of the jungles and eating them as exotic meat. Leave them in the jungles where they belong.
  2. We should not slaughter animals in open markets – spreading blood and disease.
  3. We should be open and work together to pool our resources and knowledge.
  4. We should value our nurses and doctors and teachers and cleaners and carers and police and all other public servants more – and bankers and profiteers a lot less.
  5. We should create better caring societies.
  6. We should recognise that there is more to life than money.

2 thoughts on “Lessons to be learnt from Covid-19

  1. You make good points, Opher. There are many good things happening in communities too – random acts ofkindness, caring and sharing, creativity and resilience to name just a few. I hope and pray that when we come out of this those good things will remain embedded in our ways of being.

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