Breaking News – Australia runs out of loo paper

Hilarious and stupid.

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At the risk of overdoing the Coronavirus thing, I just have to do this today.

Australia has gone toilet paper mad. Yes, you heard me. Toilet paper.

Dare I say it?  It has been interesting following the development of the toilet paper social media pandemic.

Toilet paper is flying out the door in unprecedented numbers.

People are fighting over it in the supermarkets.

Most supermarkets shelves are devoid of toilet paper.

On television last night the Prime Minister  urged the public not to be caught up in panic buying.

Woolworths supermarkets have started rationing how many packets you can buy.

Daigo outlets are selling unrestricted quantities, packaging and sending it over seas.

Kimberley Clarke, a South Australian manufacturer of loo paper has gone into 24/7 production of loo paper in order to try and keep up with demand.

Here, for your edification, are my top picks from Facebook –

The Zombie…

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6 thoughts on “Breaking News – Australia runs out of loo paper

  1. It happened in NZ as well…after ONE confirmed case, the idiot brigade decided to go and empty supermarkets as if the zombie apocalypse had just started…and the only thing that would really see them through would be to sit on the toilet with a bottle of hand sanitiser. Maybe you can eat the paper and drink the sanitiser…?

    I bet Corona beer sales have fallen though…

      1. Perhaps these same folk have only just discovered what good personal hygiene means…maybe they didn’t know toilet paper existed until last week…now there’s a thought! 😄

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