It is exactly the same here! Corbyn is vilified and undermined because he would take the power and wealth from the establishment. Instead we put in place Keir Starmer – a middle of the road watered-down Tory who will not harm the status quo.
There is no hope.
The people are too gullible.



The main thing Tubularsock appreciates about OrangeDufus is that he has brought to the light what the United States has been hiding from its own citizens from its founding and this deception was and is to this day the deliberate fabrication that our country REALLY believes in and stands for Justice for all, Freedom for all, and a system that rewards the hard working with a future of prosperity for all.

And as for “moral” leadership? Just when did that EVER exist in our history?

Nope ……. never happened! And YOU know it and your neighbors know it but you push on believing it is true because IF IT IS NOT then who’s running things?

To Tubularsock, it is much like the entire 9/11 facade ……… the story of what occurred is a lie of the highest order but even today when it is brought…

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2 thoughts on “LIES WE LIVE BY: AMERICA

  1. Opher, thanks for the reblog.

    Tubularsock has noticed that the English seemed to be as fucked up as the general American public.

    Even when the candidate running would provide help “for the people”, the citizen
    turns their back on themselves and go with some milquetoast asshole. What the fuck?

    It boggles the mind.

    “Gullible”, is an understatement!

    1. It sure is Tub. I’ve lost all faith in people. Too many of them are ignorant and stupid. How can anybody vote these people in?

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