Is There a Formula for Happiness? – A Small Experiment

Is There a Formula for Happiness? – A Small Experiment

Here’s my list of things that would make me happy
(Not necessarily in order)
A Good Education
Lots of Friends
A Good Sense of Humor
Great sex
A society that is compassionate
No war
A community and world in harmony with the planet and nature
Appreciation of the wonder around us – trees, rocks, countryside, culture, sunsets, geology
No religion
Plenty of love, children, family
Pets and wildlife
Debate and argument
Relaxation and sport
Writing and painting
Photographing beautiful things
Great food
Warm weather
Being respected and valued
Valuing and respecting others
A good marriage
Good neighbours
Great music
Discussion and close friends
Health and fitness
A great job doing some good
Making a difference to the world.
Meeting interesting people and going interesting places

That should do it!

I think, therefore I exist.

Happiness is hard to understand: sometimes something bad happens but you still feel happy and sometimes you’re unhappy with no logical reason as good things are happening. Everyone has their own personal factors that make them personally happy and unhappy. There are some universal aspects, however. Some things – like poverty, low self-esteem or loneliness (not feeling alone) can be objectively linked to unhappiness.

So is there list of ingredients, which applied to everyone in the world would mean happiness to everyone?

I will ask for your collaboration in this one. Below there is a list of possible ingredients. I ask you to think about what would be a universal factor of happiness and either organize them from most important to less important or give a top 5 of most important.

  • A Good Sense of Humor
  • A Beautiful Big House
  • A Healthy Diet
  • Children and Grandchildren
  • Predictability
  • Good Government
  • An Interesting…

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19 thoughts on “Is There a Formula for Happiness? – A Small Experiment

      1. I wish I could help. When you’re on your site, is the reblog button there? If not, those WP happiness engineers should be able to help. If it is there, the problem must be on my end.

      2. Hi Jennie,
        I’ve checked and I have a reblog button on my post. I’m not at all sure why it’s disappeared on that one.

      3. I don’t know why that is Jennie. Weird isn’t it? But I find there are a number of things about wordpress that are weird.

  1. I guess I shouldn’t be depressed about my upcoming inability to make music. I also live at ground zero for corona virus deaths so should just smile as people begin to collapse around me, knowing it will be my turn soon. I should just laugh off King Donald’s America. Silly me, eh? Just sayin’. And we around here in Western Washington USA just got through with two months of daily rain and almost zero sun. Sunlight wasn’t even being rationed, let alone abundant. 🙂

    1. Aaaaah Jeff – but look at the bright side. We’ll soon be rid of Trump! We’ll have a new Labour leader to take on Johnson and summer is on its way!!
      On the other hand we have to deal with Trump, Brexit, climate change, corona virus, deforestation, overpopulation and diversity.
      There’s a fight or two to be had!

  2. Some things I would add to the list …

    * getting stuck in a vat of lime jello with a a couple of nude Victoria Secrets models;

    * a vaccine against stupidity;

    * being 21 years old again (but I get to keep all the $$$ I have now);

    * being able to knock a full can of beer off a fence post from 6 paces with a good aim and a powerful stream of urine;

    1. Lol – a good set of additions! Might depend on the depth of the lime jello though! Perhaps your imagination is running away with you on that one. Oh for a powerful jet!

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